Falling Blonde Video

The video presented is a super 8 film edited, directed, and starring New Zealand based video artist Veronica Crockford-Pound. It is in response to the song “Falling Blonde”, our discussions about the action of falling (the most natural state of all things), and our bodily relationship to gravity. Gravity has the ability to keep us together and depending on our alignment, can result in suffering or balance, both of which we all experience during our time on Earth.

Falling Blonde was the first song I wrote for my album “Reaching For Indigo”. It is a record that is from 2017, but still vividly ebbs and flows with life and vigor from deep inside me. This song is a multi-faceted message stemming from a scene I stumbled onto my sophomore year of college. A young blonde woman was found facedown in a pedestrian crossing after being hit by a truck. She was wearing gold sandals and the way her body was perfectly balanced in the center of the pavement looked angelic, peaceful, and oddly majestic, as if she had simply decided to lie down and take a nap. It was my first encounter with a dead body and it left a long lasting impact on me. I was one of a dozen onlookers having the same collective thought. We were mourning for her loss of potential, and the millions of dreams she would cease to live out. Seven years later I was able to draw from this experience in the form of a song. This literal action didn’t ripple back into my brain until a more metaphorical existence started to permeate into my own life.

There is a sometimes naive yet full-hearted stepping out a young adult must do in his or her life. This action can often have painful, unpredicted repercussions that remain just out of our peripheral view, our young untamed consciousness. The trading in of one’s innocence and the currency of our youth for some greater meaning is something only to fear while in mid-step. I see this figurative and literal step as a gateway into a larger knowledge, and one that we each take in our own time. For me this step came in the form of falling in love. It was an easy impulse, but a hard road to navigate in the public eye. Looking back on that time, I am grateful for the intuition that lead me here, and I am better for taking that step. My heart is full and my life is forever changed. This song is dedicated to the act of love and to anyone who is in mid-step.